What We Do

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Decision Difference.

Founded in 2007, Decision Investments is a La Jolla, CA-based Registered Investment Advisory firm specializing in active portfolio management and financial planning for high-net-worth individuals and institutions. We serve as a fiduciary for a diverse clientele, including wealthy individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and foundations. Our role as fiduciaries means we provide the most prudent advice based on our experience, aligning our interests with our client’s needs while upholding the highest level of integrity.

Our holistic approach is built on a deep understanding of your unique financial goals and risk tolerance. Through open communication, we develop a customized written portfolio plan that balances your risk tolerance and return expectations to help you secure a promising future. Using fundamental and technical analysis strategies, we actively manage your portfolio within predetermined ranges for each asset class, rather than simply holding a static allocation and hoping for the best.

We are fee-only advisors, ensuring our recommendations are solely focused on your best interests, free from any commission bias.


Decision Investments is dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of service and performance for one of the most reasonable fee schedules in the industry.

We apply the following fee schedule consistently to all clients in the pursuit of fairness:

  • Fees are per annum, billed in four quarterly installments, and are generally tax-deductible
  • No commissions… ever. If your account grows, we get a raise. If your account shrinks so does our paycheck, leaving us with a vested interest in protecting and growing your accounts.
$100k – 500k1.50%
$500k – 1 million1.25%
$1 million – 3 million1.00%
$3 million+Custom

Independence Advantage

As an independent firm, Decision Investments is free to identify and evaluate the best opportunities in the marketplace including offering our opinions on Real Estate, Private Placements, etc. Brokers at brokerage firms are not allowed to do so as it is considered selling away and is strictly forbidden.


The relationships we build with our clients are at the forefront of what we do. By focusing on a select clientele, we’re able to offer exceptional service and build personal connections, becoming trusted partners in your estate, lifestyle, and wealth planning.

Fiduciary Responsibility

As fiduciaries, we always prioritize your best interests first with fee-only transparency. By focusing on understanding your values, we’re able to build personalized financial plans that align with your unique goals and risk tolerance. Read more on our fiduciary responsibility here.