Portfolios with a Greater Purpose

We invite you to discover the

Decision Difference.

The primary goal for every individually managed account at Decision Investments is protection and growth. Our Portfolios with a Greater Purpose offer an opportunity to allocate a portion of your investments toward a cause you are passionate about. In turn, Decision Investments will donate 10% of our fees to your chosen cause or non-profit. Join us in making a difference with your investments.

Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Portfolio

Invest in a cure and support the cause with the Breast Cancer Awareness Portfolio. This innovative investment strategy is designed to not only offer potential financial returns but also make a meaningful impact in the fight against cancer.

In this portfolio, we will invest 10% of your funds into publicly traded companies that are dedicated to advancing cancer research and development. In addition, we will donate 10% of your annual fees to either Susan G. Komen for the Cure or a Non-Profit Organization of your choice that supports the fight against cancer.

Through this initiative, we aim to allocate millions of investment dollars to companies focused on finding a cure for cancer, while also raising tens of thousands of dollars for organizations that provide vital services such as research grants, public health education, health screenings, treatment services, and fundraising activities.

Sustainability Portfolio

Invest sustainably and create a greener future with the Sustainability Portfolio, which allocates 10% of your holdings to companies in the alternative or “Clean Energy” sector. All companies in the portfolio undergo rigorous screening to ensure they are actively contributing to environmental sustainability and minimizing their carbon footprint.

To further support this commitment, we will use 10% of the fees from the Sustainability Portfolio to purchase Carbon Offsets, which are investments in projects that reduce or avoid carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, thereby helping to combat climate change.

By pursuing Carbon Offsets, we can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, potentially offsetting your family’s entire emissions from your automobiles, air travel, heating, and electricity for an entire year. To calculate your CO2 emissions, click here.

Animal Conservation Portfolio

Unlike our Sustainability and Breast Cancer Awareness Portfolios, we have not identified any publicly traded companies whose primary objective is to make an impact in Animal Conservation. As such, we will allocate 10% of your holdings to companies that we believe offer exceptional investment opportunities and have demonstrated generous support for Animal Conservation groups through direct funding, significant donations, or supporting employees in donating their time and resources.

By investing in the Animal Conservation portfolio, we believe we can allocate millions of investment dollars to companies that are making an impact on protecting endangered species while raising also money for non-profit organizations. The endeavors of Animal Conservation groups include education programs, anti-poaching efforts, supporting communities and so much more.