What We Do

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Decision Difference.

As a self-employed professional, you have unique tax benefits and retirement planning opportunities. Did you know the IRS offers specialized plans allowing significant tax-deductible contributions? At Decision Investments, we help high-earning individuals like you choose the optimal plan to maximize your retirement savings.

Our streamlined process ensures setting up your plan is quick and hassle-free. But a solid plan is just the beginning.

Successful individuals trust Decision Investments’ world-class portfolio management expertise. We meticulously manage your investments, prioritizing risk management and optimal performance to help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

Retirement Plan Benefits

  • These plans are most attractive for high-income individuals (may work with a spouse or business partners) with no employees.
  • Earn the highest tax-deductible contributions allowed for small business owners, professionals, and those with independent contractors (1099) or side income.
  • Defined Benefit Plans combined with a One Person 401(k) allow a maximum contribution of up to $222,100 per year which is 100% federal and state tax deductible.
  • You can accumulate up to $1-$2 million in just 5-10 years.
  • We work closely with the leading plan administrator firm for one-person retirement plans to keep it very simple, cost-effective, and legally compliant.

Benefits of Working with US

  • Decision Investments is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory. We receive no commissions and sell no products.
  • We are our client’s Fiduciary, unlike many brokerages, insurance companies, and mutual fund families – we focus on our client’s best interest, not high commissions.
  • We manage our client’s customized, diversified portfolios to meet their long-term growth and income goals in a risk and tax-managed environment.
  • We can work together with your CPA/tax preparer, or payroll service for your benefit.
  • At retirement or termination of the plan, we can simply roll it into an IRA for you.