The Pitfalls of Investing in Age-Based Portfolios: A Critical Examination for 401(k) Holders

As individuals navigate the complex world of retirement planning, one popular option that often surfaces is the age-based portfolio, particularly within the realm of 401(k) investments. Designed to adjust asset allocations based on an individual’s age, these portfolios aim to strike a balance between risk and reward as retirement approaches. While age-based portfolios hold appeal […]

Tax-Free Growth Roth IRA Contributions for High-Income Individuals

There is a simple strategy for making annual contributions into the tax-free Roth IRA for individuals with Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) over the full phase-out threshold limit of $146,000 for single and $230,000 for married tax filers in 2024. The maximum annual contribution level for each working person and their spouse is $7,000 for […]

Dividend Stocks Offer Significant Benefits

The Enhanced Dividend Portfolio at Decision Investments Targets an Annual 6% Tax-Advantaged Yield Plus Long-term Appreciation High & Growing Income With a well-managed portfolio of dividend stocks, we can earn a higher income than investing in high-grade government bonds, bank CDs, or money market funds. As interest rates for risk-free fixed income have likely peaked […]