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Enhanced Dividend Portfolios

The stock market has grown in value for 6 straight years, while interest rates have been declining for over 30 years. There is a growing concern that stocks cannot maintain their recent pace, and that interest rates are frustratingly low. Our actively managed ENHANCED DIVIDEND PORTFOLIOS are designed to generate about 6% annual income regardless of interest rates and stock prices. Our goal is to earn substantially greater income than is available in most interest paying investments as well as reduce the downside performance in a flat or negative stock market while still participating in the stock market upside. The portfolio focuses on dividend paying stocks and other conservative vehicles to grow and protect your income and net worth.

Check out the Advantages

  Enhanced Dividend Portfolios Annuities Individual Stocks Traditional Mutual Funds ETFs CDs U.S Bonds Corporate Bonds Municipal Bonds
Stock Market Participation
5-7% Average Annual Yield
Option Income
Blue Chip Stocks on Sale vs. Current Price
Tax Advantaged Growth & Income
Intra-Day Liquidity
Actively Managed

Pays More

With interest rates near historic lows, equity income pays much higher annual yields than money markets, CDs, Treasury or Municipal Bonds.

Taxed Less

While money market, CDs, and Treasury Bonds are taxed at your highest marginal federal tax rate, equity income is generally taxed at about ½ that rate in the form of qualified dividends and long-term capital gains.


There is a significant long-term risk of bonds losing value as interest rates rise, while stocks go up the majority of years. Although this type of defensive portfolio will typically not out-perform during a raging bull market, they tend to add the most value in modestly up, flat, and down markets.

Annual Income Growth

Equity income investments often raise their payouts each year. Bond interest rates are fixed to maturity, which will be hard to stomach when interest or inflation rates begin to rise again, hurting purchasing power.

Insulation from Stock and Bond Market Declines

Income oriented equity portfolios typically realize smaller losses than non-income focused stock portfolios in down markets since the income off-sets appreciation losses. Also, these more defensive stocks tend to decline less than more aggressive stocks in negative time periods. Interest rates have had a historic decline since 1981 when interest rates on the benchmark 10 Year Treasury Bond were over 15% to the 2015 low below 2%. As interest rates inevitably rise, people may be devastated by how much value their "safe" bonds can lose. Equity income investments with real earnings should be superior performers during this new reality.

To learn how Enhanced Dividend Portfolios may fit into your investment strategy, please fill-out the form below.

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