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decision difference

Decision Investments Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm founded by like minded Financial Advisors who chose to leverage off their extensive Wall Street experience and bring to clients an improved level of overall Wealth Management. Decision Investments Inc. (DII) focuses exclusively on protecting and growing our clients' wealth and planning for their future, unencumbered by the presence of many of the conflicts of interests that exist at most large Financial Institutions.

We invite you to begin a dialogue with us so that we may explore whether our services can best fulfill your needs but in the meantime, here are a few examples of the Decision Differences:

  1. Relationships. Above all else we value our relationships with all of our clients. We have chosen to not try to be all things to all people and instead focus on offering unparalleled service to a smaller group. We know all of our clients personally and, over time, often grow very close as we so typically play an integral role in helping to make important Estate Planning, Lifestyle and overall Wealth Planning choices.

  2. Fiduciary responsibility. We are not a Broker Dealer but instead a Fiduciary with a duty to our clients. As such, an investment adviser stands in a special relationship of trust and confidence with its clients. As a fiduciary, an investment advisor has an affirmative duty of care, loyalty, honesty, and good faith to act in the best interests of its clients. Read more on our fiduciary responsibility here.

  3. Fee based. No commissions... ever. If your account grows, we get a raise. If your account shrinks so does our paycheck, leaving us with a vested interest in protecting and growing your accounts.

  4. Truly individualized Portfolio Management. When a new client joins most of the large asset management firms their accounts are instantly and fully transformed into that firm's model portfolio with zero consideration for important factors such market conditions, the clients' outside holdings and the current price of each position. This last factor may seem hard to believe and yet it's true. At most institutions (and of course if you buy into any existing mutual fund), a portfolio of 20-50+ stocks will likely contain many holds that are already at or near the portfolio managers target price.

  5. Safety. Accounts are held at Schwab Institutional in separate accounts in the names of each client and fully insured unlike at a hedge fund. Click here to see the Schwab Institutional Security Guarantee.

  6. Tactical VS. Buy and Hold. The market shall giveth and the market shall taketh away. DII has the experience and the confidence to employ a tactical strategy whereby we take a stance while still appropriately managing risk. Our ultimate goal is to simply participate in good markets to a greater degree than bad ones. The economy can be cyclical and the markets typically overshoot in good times and bad often leaving buy and hold investors at great risk.

  7. Fundamental and Technical screening of investments. Investment opportunities are first put through a strict filtering process to screen for key fundamental criteria and further screened for important technical criteria in an attempt to assess an investments absolute strength as well as relative strength as compared to other opportunities.

  8. Independence. As an independent firm, Decision Investments is free to identify and evaluate the best opportunities in the marketplace including offering our opinions on Real Estate, Private, Placements, etc. Brokers at brokerage firms are not allowed to do so as it is considered selling away and is strictly forbidden.

  9. 401K Advisory Decision Investments recognizes the importance and is equipped to help you manage your current 401K or other employer sponsored plan. The marketplace is flooded with companies competing for your rollover IRA when you leave your job, yet very few are equipped to help you now. Not only do most firms not have a platform in place to help you with your current 401K but brokerage firms where your plan may currently reside are usually restricted from providing advice on these accounts because they may be deemed a fiduciary; however, most retirement plans allow you to appoint an independent advisor. That is where Decision Investments fit in. Because we are a fiduciary [link to fiduciary definition] for our clients, we can provide to you the same level of service we provide to all of our clients, in your current plan.