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401k advisory

Many investors have a majority of their liquid net worth in their 401K or other employer sponsored retirement plans yet most admit that they do not allocate enough time or resources towards managing these assets. Many investors allocate more time, money and resources towards other investments and financial matters that will have far less of an impact on their future than the growth of their 401K or other employer sponsored retirement account.

Decision Investments provides unbiased, goal oriented, customized advice for your 401K assets. Most Human resource departments and plan providers offer very little support and education. We're here to help.

A common misconception is that a 401K or other retirement plan should be managed simply in accordance with your risk profile and number of years until retirement. Although these factors rank among the most important, Decision Investments believes that if you are not taking into consideration economic cycles including Bull and Bear markets, stock valuations, interest rates and the myriad of other forces at work in the capital markets you are exposing your assets to undue risk and not maximizing potential returns.

Would you like:

  • An investment professional to work with you personally and help you decide how to invest your 401K?
  • A personalized Risk Profile with recommendations that are based on your needs?
  • Ongoing, active management of your 401K investments to keep you on track with your goals?
  • To receive these benefits and more with no out-of-pocket fees?

Decision Investments can help you manage any retirement account including 401K's and 403B, 457, SEP-IRA's and many more. We customize a solution for you with the investment options available in your plan. We then actively manage these for you on an ongoing basis and give you real time advice. Many employees are surprised to learn that they can receive all of these benefits with no after tax or out-of-pocket costs.

Brokerage firms where your current plan may reside are typically restricted from providing advice on these accounts because they may be deemed a fiduciary; however, most retirement plans allow you to appoint an independent advisor. That's where Decision Investments fits in. Because we are a fiduciary for our clients, we can provide to you the same level of service we provide to all of our clients, in your plan.

For a no cost, no obligation review of your 401K, including complimentary analysis of your existing holdings and proposed allocation, please fill out the form below.

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